COVID-19 Symptom Tool

Summarize your symptoms BEFORE you call your doctor
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About the COVID-19 Symptom Tool

A guide for coming out of the hospital

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1. Organize Your Thoughts.

2. Use The COVID-19 Symptom Tool To Collect Your Info.

3. Call The Doctor.

Worried you might have COVID-19 (Coronavirus)? One of your first questions might be, “Should I go to the doctor?”

To help the doctor decide whether you really need to be tested, they will want to know things like your age, whether you have any existing medical problems, what your symptoms are, and how sick you feel.

You could talk to the doctor over the phone - but even a 10-minute phone call takes up a lot of time, especially if the doctor’s office takes 10 calls like yours an hour. Understandably, doctors today are overwhelmed so they might not give an appointment to everyone who feels they need one. They have to prioritize so this tool will help you and your doctor make a more accurate assessment.

The COVID-19 Symptom Tool will take you less than 5 minutes to complete, and the results will take the doctor less than 1 minute to read!

With information from theCOVID-19 Symptom Tool , the doctor will be able to decide about advice for taking care of yourself, or if you need to come in for an examination.

Thank you everybody for making doctors’ lives easier! Thank you for making our whole healthcare system work better. We’re all in this together!

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